In this death upon the cross we carry, understand, that cross is us. Our response. Our guilt. Our attitude. Our mouths. Our rage. Our defense. Our fear. Ours. No one else's.

It doesn't matter how bad they've hurt you, it's still you because you invited them in. But... But... When you bear with those who hurt you... this is when that cross becomes the object of reconciliation... because you die upon that cross.

You die for the one hurting you. You die for their sin against you. And, as all Christians are called to reconcile before the sun goes down, all Christians are deputized/ordained for the ministry of reconciliation.

Christians against reconciliation are against the gospel.

This is the cross.

This is what the cross was used for by the Lord.

This is what that cross we carry is for.


When you deny reconciliation, you trespass not only against the person, you trespass God who gave you the ministry of reconciliation.

So, it is up to us because the enemy hates reconciliation. But, we don't. We are empowered to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice on the altar of our own dignity.

It hurts like hell because it is hell. But, Take The Beating. Because transformation into the likeness of the Lord Jesus, with grace upon grace, is the prize.

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