We Can Stop RLS / Restless Leg Syndrome. Because We Know The Cause

We have a 100% drug-free solution. The so-called "experts" like to say that RLS is caused by a lack of iron. We believe this to be categorically false. Here at Mountaintop Alternatives... because we know what causes Restless Leg Syndrome, we can stop it.

We believe Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS for short, is caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood, specifically in the legs. We also believe that nocturnal leg cramps are a form of RLS.

Restless leg syndrome is also known as idiopathic primary restless legs syndrome. [Sources: 0, 2, 4]

"Idiopathic"... a $2 dollar word that is key to our discussion here. Look...

It's like the paragraph below.

In many cases, RLS is associated with an iron deficiency that can be treated with iron supplements. [Sources: 2]

Yeah, right. Have you tried iron supplements for your restless leg syndrome? Did they work? No? It didn't work for me. However, I'd actually agree with the following paragraph.

If the symptoms are disturbing or disturb sleep, a doctor may recommend additional remedies. For many people, treating other conditions that could cause or exacerbate RLS symptoms can drastically reduce symptoms. [Sources: 2]

Sour candy, the kind that makes the muscle in your jaw tighten... that is a huge, huge, huuuuge, food that exasperates restless leg syndrome and nocturnal leg cramps, which we believe are the same thing. Yeah... and we can stop those too.

Bottom line... They have no idea what causes RLS. So, why do they say an iron deficiency is a cause? Or, how can they create a pharmaceutical drug for something they do not understand?

Big Pharma and Health Supplement Co.s have found a cash cow in Restless Leg Syndrome.

They'll say anything. Even throw a professor's name behind their false information to lend credence to the claims.

Professor Nordlander recognizes the link between iron deficiency and RLS and reports that treating iron deficiency improves but does not eliminate, Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms. The only consistent finding is that the strongest environmental risk factor associated with RLS is iron deficiency. [Sources: 1]

Do you have any faith in the medical community after what has been done around the world over the pandemic lie?

And finally, they are honest. Exercise is good for RLS. But it won't stop it.

The National Institutes of Health points out that moderate exercise can help alleviate mild RLS symptoms [3]. A 2014 study showed that vitamin D supplements can reduce the RLS symptom in people with RLS who suffer from vitamin D deficiency [9]. In people with hemodialysis, vitamin C and E preparations can contribute to alleviating RSL symptoms [4, 10]. [Sources: 3]

Doctors want to throw drugs and procedures at patients with RLS. Drugs are not needed. A natural and safe solution has been found.

As stated earlier, we can stop restless leg syndrome because we know what causes it.

RLS is caused by a lack of oxygen in the legs. Not just in the blood, but in muscles and cells.

What is happening to create this lack of oxygen? You've heard it before. It's sitting. Clothing bunched up at the hips.

Just as the voluntary muscles of the face become involuntary when we yawn - which is the brain's way of getting oxygen when it is time for sleep. At Mountain Top Alternatives, we believe the exact same thing is happening in the legs. In the prostate. And all major muscle groups below the waist.

With our products, we can stop Restless leg syndrome and nocturnal leg cramps. You do not have to suffer from this debilitating disease any longer. Life does not have to suck. How long has it been since you've gotten a full night's sleep?

Go to: https://www.getspasmfree.com/ and read or listen to the testimonies. We are stopping RLS and nocturnal leg cramps and so much more. At Mountaintop Alternatives, we hate pain... and we know how to stop it too. Give us a call and let's talk about what we can do for you. 833-927-3786

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